Ideas for high mast lighting

What is the high mast lights?

High pole lights generally refer to new lighting devices composed of steel tapered light poles of more than 15 meters and high-power combined light frames. It consists of the lamp head, internal lamp electrical, rod body and basic parts. The shape of the lamp head can be determined according to user requirements, surrounding environment, and lighting needs; the internal lamps are mostly composed of floodlights and floodlights, and the light source uses NG400 high-pressure sodium lamps with a lighting radius of up to 60 meters. The pole body is generally a pyramidal single-body structure, rolled from steel plates, with a height of 15-40 meters, and is mostly composed of two to three sections.

Why high mast lighting?

The high mast lighting design has multiple plus points that make them the most suitable option for large spaces.Among these plus points are;
I. It provides an extended light coverage that minimizes shadows caused by shorter poles
II. High mast lighting brightens a large area of land with just a few poles
III. It can co-locate other high-mast equipment, like surveillance cameras.

Reduction of maintenance cost

With a project several hundred feet above the ground, you wouldn’t want to be that high up in the air just to change a lamp. When choosing a high mast, ensure it has a long service life, and ask the manufacturer about its features. If the lifetime of the high mast is sixty thousand hours, will it stop working after this period, or will it just lose a bit of its output? These are the types of questions you should ask your manufacturer. If the answers they provide are not to your liking, you can move on to the next reliable manufacturer. Because LEDs generate light through semiconductors, their functionality is significantly higher than other high mast systems as time passes. This results in a longer functional life, reducing the cost of maintaining a high mast.

Energy savings

The wattages for LED high mast systems usually are small than traditional lights . The result is a reduction in energy consumption by 50 to 80 percent. This characteristic feature of the LED high mast makes it an ideal choice for large-scale
productions. The main reason is that it saves energy and, subsequently, the maintenance cost.

Lighting performance

As a result of the multipoint design, LED high mast lighting provides an evenly distributed light pattern to vast areas of land. In other words, the light generated from the high mast will vary less across the lit surface as the distance from the pole changes. The former will produce an even foot candle distribution by comparing the LED’s high masts to other fixtures. On the other hand, the latter – like an HID pole – produces a bright spot directly beneath the lamp. This bright spot results in a poor distribution of light to the surroundings. This means the light will decrease as the distance from the pole increases. Additionally, LEDs are available in different color temperatures. Because of this feature, an end user’s visual perception of brightness increases.

What lights are suitable for installation on high mast?

DIfferent areas for high mast lighting will be with different led lights,

Road high mast lights

Road high mast lights refer to lamp posts installed on both sides of the road to provide lighting for vehicles and pedestrians. Usually made of cast aluminum alloy shell, transparent glass lampshade, high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy rod and other materials, it has strong lightning protection performance. Road high pole lights can also be divided into different levels according to the height of the lamp posts, usually 10 meters, 12 meters, and 15 meters with 400W street light..

Square high mast lights

Square high pole lamps generally use conical cylinders, and the lamp heads are mostly composed of multiple small lampshades. As a public space in the city, the square needs more lights to run through the entire square to show a unique night scene aesthetic.

Stadium high mast lights

Stadium high mast lights are lighting facilities specially designed for sports venues. The lamp head generally has 4 to 8 light sources, and the height of the stadium light pole should be adjusted appropriately according to the area of the stadium mostly use 500W led floodlights for it. The color of the stadium lights should comply with the rules of the game and should not leak light.

Industrial park high pole lights

The lamp bodies of high pole lamps in industrial parks are mostly made of galvanized steel pipes or aluminum alloy materials, and the lampshades are generally made of transparent or frosted materials. When installing light poles in the park, it is necessary to consider the visual effect of the light poles, blend them with the style of the park, and have the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving.

Landscape high pole lights

Landscape high pole lights are generally used in parks, squares, underground garages and other places. Landscape high pole lights have strong decorative properties, which can be turned into visual guides within the venue and add artistic value to them with colorful lights.

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