IFZA Free Zone Dubai offers 2024

IFZA Free Zone Dubai offers 2024



Dubai is like a hub of big dreams and innovative ideas, and  IFZA Free Zone Dubai is like the guide that helps businesses turn those dreams into reality. In this article, we’re going to talk about why IFZA is the perfect choice for companies that want to grow and succeed in the bustling business world of Dubai.

Imagine Dubai as this exciting place where everyone dreams big and works hard to bring those dreams to life. Now, picture IFZA as the friend who helps businesses make those dreams come true. We’re about to explore all the awesome reasons why IFZA is the go-to spot for companies that want to make it big in Dubai.

Let’s dive into the fantastic benefits and promtions that make IFZA offers for businesses aiming to grow and thrive in the lively business environment of Dubai.

IFZA Free Zone setup offers in January 2024

100% WAIVED DUBAI GENERAL TRADING BUSINESS ACTIVITY FEE: No added fee on General Trading activity, start your company and save AED 10,000

100% WAIVED CROSS-BUSINESS ACTIVITY FEE: Combine Professional and Commercial Business cctivities under one Licence for FREE and save AED 2,000

FREE FLEXIDESKS FOR THE FIRST YEAR OF THE NEW LICENCE: Free One FlexiDesk for Zero-Visa Licences or One-Visa Licence Packages.

– Free Two FlexiDesks for Two-Visa Licence Packages.

– Free Three FlexiDesks for Three-Visa Licence Packages.

– No weekly limits for use within business hours.


– 15% DISCOUNT on Two-Year Business Licences

– 20% DISCOUNT on Three-Year Business Licences

– 30% DISCOUNT on Five-Year Business Licences

Advantages of setting up a Free Zone company in IFZA Free Zone

Prime Location

IFZA capitalizes on Dubai’s strategic location at the nexus of Europe, Asia, and Africa. This central position transforms businesses into global players, facilitating seamless access to diverse markets, bolstering international trade, and forging strategic connections that transcend borders.

Full Ownership, Total Control:

At IFZA, entrepreneurial dreams find a home with the guarantee of 100% foreign ownership. The free zone champions the cause of autonomy, granting entrepreneurs absolute control over their ventures. This bold stance aligns with Dubai’s pro-business ethos, unleashing the full potential of innovative enterprises.

Large Business Activities options:

IFZA stands as an inclusive hub catering to an array of business activities. Whether your venture is rooted in manufacturing, trading, services, or consulting, IFZA’s versatile environment accommodates and nurtures diverse industries, creating a melting pot of opportunities.

Tax Advantages for Prosperity:

Unlock unparalleled financial advantages with IFZA’s tax-friendly environment. Businesses within the free zone enjoy zero personal and corporate income taxes, creating a lucrative fiscal landscape that enhances profitability and positions companies for sustained success.

Flexibility in Visa Solutions:

IFZA empowers businesses with flexible visa options, enabling them to attract and retain top-tier talent. The free zone’s visa policies are tailored to meet diverse staffing requirements, fostering an environment that encourages the recruitment of skilled professionals critical to your business’s success.


IFZA isn’t just a business destination; it’s a strategic choice to propel your enterprise into unparalleled success. With its central location, investor-friendly policies, cutting-edge infrastructure, and collaborative community, IFZA is the catalyst your business needs to thrive in the vibrant tapestry of Dubai’s flourishing economy. Seize the opportunity – let IFZA be the launchpad for your business’s meteoric rise in the heart of Dubai.

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