Is Choosing Hourly Rent A Car In Dubai A Handy Option

Is Choosing Hourly Rent A Car In Dubai A Handy Option?


Is Choosing Hourly Rent A Car In Dubai A Handy Option? Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re a tourist eager to explore the vibrant streets of Dubai or a resident needing a short-term vehicle, the option of hourly car rentals presents a convenient solution. This service gives a flexible and hassle-free method to travel the cityscape without worrying about gasoline, parking, or insurance. Approved short-term rental firms under the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offer it. We’ll cover the fundamentals of hourly rent a car in this article, including pricing, paperwork, and the easy procedure from making a reservation to getting behind the wheel.

Cost Structure

Understanding the cost structure is paramount when considering the hourly rent a car in Dubai. According to the RTA, licensed companies calculate charges based on minutes or days, varying costs depending on the car model and mileage. The minimum fare is 50 fils per minute (equivalent to Dh30 per hour), while the maximum is 3.5 fils per minute (equal to Dh210 per hour). Users may also incur Salik charges based on toll usage and traffic fines during the rental period. Billing is conveniently settled at the end of the trip, streamlining the payment process.

Required Documents

For UAE residents, the process of renting a vehicle for a few hours necessitates the submission of specific documents. These include a valid Emirates ID and a driver’s license with at least six months of driving experience in the UAE or the individual’s home country. On the other hand, tourists must provide a valid copy of their passport and either a valid driving license or an international driving permit. These documents are crucial for a smooth and quick registration process.

How It Works

In Dubai, renting a car by the hour is a simple process made easier by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), an authorized auto rental company app. With just a few clicks, users can complete the entire procedure—from registration to vehicle unlocking—through the online platform, which streamlines the process.

 Download the App

Begin by downloading the RTA-licensed short-term car rental company app. This app serves as the gateway to the entire rental process.

This app serves as the gateway to the entire rental process.

Enter Personal Information

Input essential personal details, such as your full name, email address, date of birth, and nationality, and create a username and password. Upload the required documents listed earlier for verification.

Activate Your Account

After receiving an activation email, click the link and log in again to activate your account. Provide credit or debit card details; a nominal fee will be charged for card validation during signup.

Choose Your Car

Allow the app to detect your location and view the available vehicles nearby. Select your preferred car on the map and specify the duration for renting.

Unlock and Go

Once registered, unlock the chosen vehicle through the app at its location. The car keys, secured in a lock in the glove box, can be released by entering a provided passcode. With this, you’re all set to start your journey through the streets of Dubai.


Hourly rent a car in Dubai offers a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective means of exploring the city or attending brief meetings. By leveraging the services of RTA-licensed short-term car rental companies, individuals can enjoy the freedom of the road without the logistical concerns typically associated with vehicle ownership. Unlock the city quickly and explore Dubai at your own pace through the simplicity of hourly car rentals.

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